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Announcing the Cozy Coterie

My dearest reader,

Today is an exciting day. I've launched the Cozy Coterie, patron community!

If you're unfamiliar with patron communities, this is an easy way to unlock early access to rough drafts, character art, voting on tropes, covers, interior illustrations, and more. By contributing as little as $5 monthly, patrons of the Cozy Coterie will enable me to cover the many costs of publishing and marketing my work.

It would be beyond exciting if you became one of my first patrons, helping lay the foundation for what I hope will be a great little spot on the internet for cozy, romantic fantasy. Naturally, my newsletter subscribers of Belinda's Broadsheet heard of this first, and if you're unable to budget for a monthly membership, join my free newsletter! You'll still receive behind the scenes and advance copy access, it will just come after the Cozy Coterie's first dibs.

We are currently one chapter into the companion short story to "Miss Preston's Predicament" called, "An Inconvenient Séance." This short story gives us a glimpse into Jasper's latest adventure, leading him back to Mary and introducing him to Tessa in A Spirited Engagement. I had so much fun writing this story. Each chapter is releasing weekly in March. 

I'm ever so eager to hear your thoughts. The Cozy Coterie's platform allows for commenting on a paragraph level, so those of you familiar with Wattpad should feel right at home.

Helpful definitions:

  • Cozy (adj). Snugly warm and comfortable.
  • Coterie (n). A group of people who associate closely. An exclusive group.

Unlock the Cozy Coterie for rough drafts from Belinda Kroll!

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