Escape into cozy Victorian worlds featuring magical & paranormal elements, mild romantic heat, found family, and fantasy-of-manners fun.

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Cozy fantasy brings warmth to magical worlds!

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What readers are saying

  • Catherine

    I LOVE books like this. Especially when it talks about spiritualism. I'm
    the history of spiritualism, people went to great lengths to fake being a medium and it usually worked. A lot of people would also go thru great lengths to expose a fake medium.. This book was absolutely a fun read.

  • Suzy

    Belinda Kroll writes with such fluidity in a style that is reminiscent of classic authors like Jane Austen. I was swept into the story from the very first page and I found it difficult to put down, often staying up late into the night to complete 'just a few more chapters'.

  • Sue

    OMG, she is an amazing author!!! She did an awesome job of researching the story - which really made the reading of the book more enjoyable. The amazing American history facts that were written into the story made the reading a pleasant experience.

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