Meet the Hesitant Mediums collection

Sweet and cozy fantasy romances in a loosely connected series of standalone books.

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Jane Austen vocabulary meets modern sass

Meet Belinda Kroll

Belinda Kroll writes award-winning cozy Victorian fantasy and fiction, featuring sweet romance and comedy-of-manners ridiculous fun. Belinda loves a good "he falls first" story but it's even better paired with a historical setting and a dollop of magic. Join us, dear reader, on this entertaining jaunt into an alternate past where a little magic goes a long way.

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Works in progress


A Spirited Engagement Pre-orders live across all major retailers

An Uncanny BargainCharacters dreamed, outline TBD

Out of the Cauldron anthologyPre-order open!

What is cozy fantasy?

Do you love escaping into worlds of magic and fantasy? Do you enjoy quirky characters, light world-building, low stakes and ridiculous romps? If you answered yes to any of those things, then cozy fantasy is for you.