Belinda Kroll | Author of Victorian Young Adult Books

author3sWelcome to the website of Belinda Kroll, author of Victorian young adult books set in England and the United States. Her latest publications is Haunting Miss Trentwood, a Gothic-lite young adult book set in 1887 England. She also wrote Catching the Rose, a romantic young adult book set in 1861 Civil War America.

Read her blog for the latest on the writing process, independent publishing, and historical research finds.

Belinda’s Popular Blog Updates

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Victorian Young Adult Books

Contemporary Short Story

Haunting Miss Trentwood, a Gothic-lite young adult book set in 1887 England

Mary searches for a blackmailer with her father’s ghost, her former beau Mr Spencer, and the scarred, intriguing Mr Hartwell.

Catching the Rose, a romantic young adult book set in 1861 Civil War America

Veronica searches for her Prince Charming and childhood love Jonathan before a forced marriage and the war take him away forever.

The girl, Maxine-called-Max, never thought she would find love before she died.