Victorian lady at a writing deskWelcome to my website!

I write fiction for kids and teens. I love history, so most of the time I write Victorian stories set in England and the United States from 1837 – 1901. I also love short stories and picture books for younger readers!

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Common Questions

What's your favorite color?
Green! It's a bright, happy color that represents fresh starts.

What's your favorite animal?
Frogs! And dogs. Frogs because they're funny, dogs because I can cuddle with them.

How did you publish your book?
I self-publish, which means I hire professionals to make sure my work is ready for the public. This gives me the most creative control of my projects.

How do you research?
Usually I read something interesting which makes me want to learn more. I go to my library and historical societies to read more. That's when the characters start to talk to me...

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Author Visits

I'm available for schools, reading groups, and writing groups in the Central Ohio region. I love talking about writing and publishing!

Educators, let me know the age range of your group and special topics you think would be most interesting for them. Also let me know if your students would be interested in joining my beta-readers group.

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Thank you for your interest in my books!
My books for teens are most appropriate for ages 10 - 14 depending on the maturity of your child. If there is romance, it is sweet (never goes beyond a kiss or two).

My children's books are for ages 3 - 5 for reading with a parent, or 5 - 7 reading alone.

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