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author3sWelcome to the website of Belinda Kroll, author of Victorian young adult books set in England and the United States. Her publications include Haunting Miss Trentwood, a Gothic-lite young adult book set in 1887 England. She also wrote Catching the Rose, a romantic young adult book set in 1861 Civil War America.

Read her blog for the latest on the writing process, independent publishing, and historical research finds.

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letter-writing Lucky 7 Excerpt from my Young Adult Civil War manuscript - There has been a “Lucky 7″ excerpt writing meme spreading across the interwebs since 2012 if my cursory Google search is accurate. I thought it would be fun to share some of my progress. In case you don’t know, the rules…
drewFarnsworth How to Run a Successful Book Launch Party - Last Thursday, I went to the book launch party of a fellow writer’s group member, Drew Farnsworth. Wow! I have never been to a book launch party like the one Drew and his team of creatives put together. I really wish…
researchGermanFacts Using a (Galaxy Note 8) Tablet to Write a Novel - Looking for an alternative to lugging your laptop around to finish that novel? Frustrated with carrying your phone, your laptop, and your writing journal to make sure you have everything to reference when writing that next chapter? Let me tell…
Focus on those Nitty Gritty Details -

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Finding Nemo

Hey, you've made it to the details (final) part of editing week! I hope you're following Dory's advice and staying persistent... just keep swimming (writing)! I'm not sure if you've noticed yet, but editing really is my favorite part of the creative writing process. I know I might be alone in this, and that's ok. My goal this week was to help you see that editing is not as hard as it seems... it just takes patience, persistence, and motivation. Today I want to leave you with some ideas to help you edit on a very detailed level. Beware, those faint of heart and annoyed by long posts, as this just might be my longest ever.…
Tell Me, Don’t Show Me - Here is a conversation I hope I never see in your work, ever.
"Hi Belinda." "Hey Marcie. What's up?" "Nothing much." Marcie sighs into the phone. "Making dinner. Hubby's coming home soon and he gets grumpy if I don't have it ready." "Oh man," Belinda murmurs. "What're you making? Spaghetti? Gotta love spaghetti."
Snore, snore, snore, right? How many of you have heard a conversation like this while walking around a store? A conversation about nothing that annoys everyone else who has to hear it? Don't force it on your readers or they'll throw your book against the wall.

As important as showing is, telling is equally important when used at the right time

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me -

"Don't talk of stars, burning above! If you're in love, show me! Tell me no dreams filled with desire, if you're on fire, show me! Here we are together in the middle of the night. Don't talk of spring, just hold me tight!" Show Me from My Fair Lady

Think of your book as a court case. Would you, as the jury, believe the prosecutor if s/he screamed, "The defendant is guilty!!! ...And I rest my case." No. You want proof so you believe beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. Apply the same idea to your writing. What proof do you have to convince your reader that your character is bored, that her hero is unhappy, that his antagonist is delighted?…


Victorian Young Adult Books

Contemporary Short Story

Haunting Miss Trentwood, a Gothic-lite young adult book set in 1887 England

Mary searches for a blackmailer with her father’s ghost, her former beau Mr Spencer, and the scarred, intriguing Mr Hartwell.

Catching the Rose, a romantic young adult book set in 1861 Civil War America

Veronica searches for her Prince Charming and childhood love Jonathan before a forced marriage and the war take him away forever.

The girl, Maxine-called-Max, never thought she would find love before she died.