Worderella does an Interview

Dear Reader,

The amazing thing about the internet is how it is able to connect you to people who care about your work. Tomorrow, Critique This WIP is interviewing me on their blog.

We will be talking about everything from why I began writing to how I defeat the Dreaded Writer’s Block. Definitely check it out, because Critique This WIP is a great group of ladies who talk about the publishing world.

In terms of my progress with Catching the Rose, I’m applying to be a seller on Amazon so I can submit the interior of the book for the Search Inside functionality.

As a reader, I love it when I can browse the interior of the book. In fact, if given the choice, I will always choose the book that allows me to search inside vs the one that won’t. Are you the same way? Do you prefer to read a little of the book before you buy it?

Are you like me, a cheater who reads the ending before I decide I’ll spend the money? I like to know if I’ll like the ending… if so, I’ll probably enjoy the journey. But then, that’s me.

All the best,