Why am I not blogging as often?

You know, once upon a time, I was a frequent and avid blogger. This was back in the early 2000’s, when everyone else blogged, too. I still have my LiveJournal, but haven’t logged into that for months. Back in 2005 when I was prolific and even won a Best Websites for Authors via Writer’s Digest mention, I didn’t really have a mailing list. Mostly because I didn’t know what I would put in that mailing list since I was blogging so much.

However, times have changed, especially for authors and author websites, and most especially for people who happened to get married and have two children since 2005 (i.e. me). I’m still posting fun content, but now it’s saved for my newsletter recipients.

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I’ll still update this online journal (I like that more than a blog anyway) with sales updates when it makes sense, but honestly, the best way to stay on top of what’s happening is to join my newsletter.

Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Bloghop!


Dear Reader,

Glad you made it here! This post is part of the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway bloghop. I’m keeping this bloghop pretty simple: when you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive a free eBook copy of my upcoming book, The Rebel’s Hero.

Never fear, I rarely send emails via the newsletter, it’s more for general updates, such as book releases. How do you know if you’re interested in The Rebel’s Hero? Well, below I’ve included the back cover blurb. Again, to get a free copy of the book when it’s released, just sign up for the newsletter!

Dear Reader,

I began The Rebel’s Hero as a rewrite of my high school senior thesis, a Civil War romance called Catching the Rose. The original was written with all the innocence and energy of a seventeen-year-old. I was flattered and gratified that so many readers picked up Catching the Rose, not expecting a book by a teenager, but a first serious attempt at being an author.

After publishing my second book, Haunting Miss Trentwood, my thoughts drifted to Catching the Rose. I itched to begin it again, this time with a tighter plot structure and deeper character motivations. Out of that reworking came The Rebel’s Hero.

When Tempest Granville’s step-father announced he was marrying her off in between slurps of soup at dinner, she knew right then that her home was no longer a safe haven from the impending war between the states.

The night of a successful slave smuggling mission leaves Daniel Ritter exhausted, but jubilant. When a bedraggled Tempest appears on his doorstep, her presence does more than spark alarm. Suddenly Daniel is having visions of his past, the very past he has struggled to reclaim memories of for nine years.

Join Tempest and Daniel as romance flares, the war begins, and urgency builds as they realize Daniel’s missing memory is the key to a wicked and heartbreaking family secret.

Happy reading,

Belinda Kroll

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Thanks for stopping by!

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Going Like Gangbusters

Dear Reader,

This was a GOOD week for Round of Words. Not only did I copy over my entire plot for The Rebel’s Hero over from sticky notes into the computer (you can see it on my fan page), but I also wrote character bios for half of my characters, and wrote another 1667 words on top of that initial 750 words, thus completing the first drafts of chapters two and three!

And then yesterday, while working in a coffee shop, I realized something awful. The Rebel’s Hero continues to change and morph away from Catching the Rose. So much so that it feels weird using the same character names. So I changed all of the character names and have finally broken free from Catching the Rose. The Rebel’s Hero is still technically a rewrite, so there might be a similarity here and there, at least between character relationships… Anyway, I think this is for the best.

Oh. And I made the cover for The Rebel’s Hero and unveiled it Friday evening on my fan page. If you’re a subscriber to the newsletter, you got a larger version in your inbox. As a bit of housekeeping, from now on I will be releasing book information first to the newsletter subscribers, then to Facebook fans, and then on the blog. That makes sense, right?

I updated the website home page, so if you haven’t visited in a while because you have an RSS reader, hop on over, if you please.

Now as you might have guessed, I’m exhausted. Because on top of all that, I worked full-time last week where I wrote a 32-page report that had a ton of diagrams (ok I’m cheating, I took two weeks to write that). And last night, I was swing dancing until midnight.

Belinda iz ded nao.

I’ll check in next week with a brushed up excerpt from chapter two, I think. Or maybe not. Not sure. My brain hurts.

All the best,


Cyber Monday Sale!


Dear Reader,

It’s Cyber Monday, which is the Black Friday for online shopping. Those of you not in the United States, this is the day to get the best online sales.

Digital Discounts

Cyber Monday is also the day to buy my books. I’m giving you premium discount codes if you sign up for my email newsletter. Sign up by December 1, 2010 to receive 66%-off coupon codes for both digital copies of Catching the Rose and Haunting Miss Trentwood.

66% off the list price? This means each book will cost you about a dollar. A dollar. Why yes, I am enabling you to impulse buy. It’s the holidays! Give yourself a break.

If you don’t want to sign up for the newsletter, that’s okay. By reading this blog you are enrolled for the 50%-off discount code, listed below. Yay for holiday season and books that only cost $1.50! Click the book title to access the purchase page, and use your discount code at checkout.

All codes will be active until December 25, 2010.

Holiday Boxed Sets

You also have access to a select number of boxed sets, as listed below, for your holiday shopping pleasure. All books will be autographed and come with a variety of swag including postcards, magnets, and mini bookmarks.

  • Two sets of Catching the Rose and Haunting Miss Trentwood, tied together with a ribbon and a note addressed to the recipient of your choice. Priced at $25 + S/H.
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To order a boxed set, contact me with your interest. Since these are limited edition sets, it’s a first-come-first-served sort of deal, unfortunately.

Belinda! I want to read more books!

It is so flattering to hear that people want more from me. It also puts the pressure on, but in a  delicious sort of way. I’ve begun brainstorming for the next book, tentatively called The Secondhand Sister. It’s a working title, so go with me on this.

The book picks up months after Haunting Miss Trentwood with a different set of characters who just so happen to know some of the characters from HMT. It’s almost… like… I’m writing a series. Which is weird, because I tend not to like reading series. But this is what the characters want, so I guess I’m going with it.

Best of luck with your Cyber Monday shopping!