I Love the Internet

Dear Reader,

A short and random post today as I’m getting over an awful cold. Just wanted to let you know I love the internet because I get to share my fangirl obsessive love of nerdy things like Doctor Who with complete strangers. For example, a short conversation I had with @The_BookishType via Twitter last night…

@The_BookishType: I’m completely addicted to #DoctorWho. And it’s all because of you, Twitter.

To which I replied…

@worderella: The Twitterverse replies in a tone so solemn, “You are very welcome.”

Her response was a simple “LOL.” Wanna know why? Because it’s a fact that Doctor Who is a brilliant show that delights anyone who loves quick dialogue and snarky humor. Whedon fans should be all over this stuff.

Seriously though, if you aren’t watching Doctor Who, we have a problem. The writing improves every episode, the characterization is absolutely nuts (the writers have even gotten me to like Matt Smith, the new incarnation of the Doctor!), and can I just say Nerdy David Tennant with black nerd glasses and Converse shoes?

Yes. All of that. Wrap it up in a bow and leave it on my front doorstep please.

And now, back to your regular schedules. I’m off to sneeze and whine about sinus pressure to my co-workers. Best,


P.S. Image found via Tumblr.