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PRE-ORDER A Spirited Engagement (live sales)

PRE-ORDER A Spirited Engagement (live sales)

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The second book in the Hesitant Mediums series

For fans of Sally Thorne, Tilly Wallace, Olivia Atwater, Charlie N. Holmberg

It was a truth universally acknowledged that
ghost brides are annoying romantic rivals.

Making her reluctant return to London after a ten-year absence, Tessa Preston cannot hide her dismay at her employer's friendliness with Jasper Steele, the man who chased her away. To make matters more annoying, he's haunted by a most insistent ghost bride.

Determined to prove her indifference to the charming Jasper, Tessa realizes the entitled ghost demanding his attention may not be all she seems. Meanwhile, unaware of Tessa's enmity, Jasper is delighted to have a second chance at her affections, and will let nothing, not even her cold stares, dampen his enthusiasm.

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Mary looked at Tessa, eyes wide in a silent appeal.

“Please join us inside, Mr. Steele. We might get acquainted with your situation that caused you to seek Miss Trentwood.” Tessa couldn’t help but smile, then. “Perhaps it’s this Miss Carterprice who stands, I mean, hovers beside you?”

Jasper swiveled from Eloise to Mary and back again to Tessa. “My God, you can see her too, can’t you?” he said before keeling forward, unconscious, into Tessa’s alarmed arms.

Tessa staggered under his weight with an awkward grunt, eyes wide.

Mary cleared her throat. “Jasper and ghosts don’t entirely mix.” She turned to Pomeroy, who remained coolly observant. “Ah, Pomeroy, as convenient as ever. Would you be so kind as to relieve Miss Preston of her charge? I think the library, perhaps, would be suitable for his convalescence.”

As Tessa sank under Jasper’s weight, she gasped. “Are you certain you’ve not had much experience with ghosts, Miss Trentwood? You’re handling this all remarkably well.”

Mary grinned. “I said nothing of the sort.”

“But Dame Hartwell—”

“Well, really, Miss Preston. And who am I to correct my future mother-in-law, and a member of the peerage, besides? Now Pomeroy, if you please.”

Pomeroy lifted Jasper from Tessa as if he were nothing more than an overweight cloak draped in her arms. Tessa coughed her surprise, thinking a man with that white of hair should not be nearly so strong. She followed Mary and Pomeroy into the house, mystified.

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Romantic rating: Low heat content with a focus on emotion and kissing.

Warning: The villain exerts compulsion on a character and a non-consensual kiss.

Tropes: Annoyances to lovers, second chances, ghost girlfriend, possession, found family, BIPOC heroine, kicking butt in all her finery, hero falls (in love) first, forced proximity, love wins all battle, they save each other.

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