New Layout

Working on a new layout, so bear with me while I try to get this all together. Apparently, my image map in IE doesn’t change the web address, so refreshing is sort of iffy. And the bookmark link doesn’t work in Firefox. Other than that, I hope you like the new streamlined look!

Layout Complete

New layout complete! I hope you all like the new, muted look. Work on the new novel is coming along pretty well, I’ve been doing a lot of research so actual formulation has slowed, but I’m sure it will pick up again. Happy holidays, everyone!

Scrapped Again

Changed The Winslow Charade main page, because right now, that plot isn’t cutting it for me. I feel badly for this story…I think this is the fourth time I’ve scrapped a main part of the plot. Therefore, The Winslow Charade has become the working title. Check it out to find out what we know so far.