Miss Preston’s Predicament

Book 1.5 of the Hesitant Mediums series

During the peak of Victorian spiritualism in England, three young women have the skill to speak with the dearly departed, but wish they didn’t. Read this series for an entertaining jaunt into 1880s England full of ghosts who simply must have their say.

About the Book

Introducing Tessa Preston in this Jane Austen meets ghost hunters short story
Approximately 5,500 words or 22 printed pages.

For fans of Charlie N. Holmberg, Olivia Atwater, Tilly Wallace, and C. J. Archer!

In this short story, the fashionable and eccentric dowager Dame Hartwell has lured the reclusive Miss Tessa Preston to attend her drawing room séance. If Dame Hartwell can’t convince Miss Preston, her former protégé, to return as her medium-in-residence, she doesn’t know how she will protect her son and his new fiancé from the brewing storm of malcontent spirits surrounding them.

“Miss Preston’s Predicament” is a short story between novels by Belinda Kroll. This story can be read as a standalone… but it includes characters and references events from her full-length historical fantasy novel, Haunting Miss Trentwood, the first book in the Hesitant Mediums series.

Truly, we suggest you read Haunting Miss Trentwood first, but understand you must do what you must.

Read this story for a fun, light read featuring historical fantasy, Victorian comedy of manners, and plucky feminine ghost hunter a la Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

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Published: October 1, 2021
Publisher: Bright Bird Press
Formats: eBook, Paperback
Print ISBN: 9781736921302
eISBN: 9780983078692

Genres & Tropes
Historical Fantasy, Victorian Paranormal, Kicking butt in all her finery, Action girls