Haunting Miss Trentwood

Book 1 of the Hesitant Mediums series

During the peak of Victorian spiritualism in England, three young women have the skill to speak with the dearly departed, but wish they didn’t. Read this series for an entertaining jaunt into 1880s England full of ghosts who simply must have their say.

All books feature elements of sweet romance, fantasy-of-manners dialogue and action, gaslamp genre settings, and ghosts/spirits.

It was a truth universally acknowledged that one’s suitors and ghosts are never easy with one another, especially when the ghost was one’s father.

For fans of Olivia Atwater, Tilly Wallace, and Charlie N. Holmberg!

Witty, secluded Mary is adjusting to life with her aunt after her father, Trentwood, passes away and returns in ghostly form. Despite the urging of her spectral father, Mary continues to live in their aging home with only her aunt and their servants for company.

But their quiet manor house carries secrets even from Mary and Trentwood. When Hartwell, a London lawyer, arrives at their doorstep claiming someone in the house is blackmailing his sister, Mary stumbles into a mystery that forces her to revisit memories and rethink her future.

As Mary and Hartwell seek the blackmailer, each learns about the importance of opening one’s heart to trust and betrayal. Haunting Miss Trentwood is a cozy Victorian historical fantasy with sweet romantic subplots written from varied perspectives.

Genres & Tropes
Historical fantasy, Victorian paranormal, Cozy gothic, Cozy historical mystery, Sweet romantic subplots

Reader Fun

Reader Praise for Haunting Miss Trentwood

  • From Indie Jane
    … Ms. Kroll writes excellent dialogue. I was frequently laughing out loud during Mary’s conversations with her father’s ghost. The book was well paced and enjoyable to read.
  • From Tamela Quijas
    Haunting Miss Trentwood is the novel to curl up with and leaves the reader with that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only be delivered by a fantastic bit of delightful historical romantic fiction.
  • From Coffee Time Romance
    …I do have to say I found Mary to be more of the anguished heroine versus the typical tormented hero, which shows Ms. Kroll used a unique and fresh idea while penning this book.
  • From My Love Affair with Books
    …Belinda Kroll describes herself as writer of “quirky historical fiction”. I totally agree. I love historical fiction and I have read a lot of it. But I have never read a historical fiction like this one. There is romance, suspense, humour, drama and even the supernatural. In fact it reminded me a lot of Victoria Holt books which I devoured as a 16 year old.
  • From Bitsy Bling’s Book Review
    …There is a definite elegance presented in the word choice and proves the painstaking effort the author took in committing to the voice of the story. The lead character, Mary, is vulnerable, but not overtly fragile. There is a feminist quality to her reactions and thoughts, which is evident in her finding a prince in need of rescuing.
  • From Dear Author
    …The premise of the story is one that takes the usual romance plot of the orphaned young lady and adds this interesting twist: that her father’s ghost is haunting her. Not in a metaphorical way, but actually haunting her. That is intriguing. That is a ripe and rich vein to harvest a story from.
  • From Readers Favorite
    …This is a novel that not only is humorous throughout, there is also a touch of suspense that kept me turning the pages. This book contained just about everything I like to read: Victorian, slightly paranormal with humor and suspense combined throughout, and cleanly written.


Publisher: Bright Bird Press
Date published: 10/08/2010
ISBN: 9780983078609
eISBN: 9780983078616
Audiobook ISBN: 9780983078678