I am able to supply signed copies of my books if purchased through my Etsy shop.

For Teens

The Last April

1865 Civil War
YA Sweet Drama

Gretchen defines what it means to be true to oneself in the days immediately following President Lincoln’s assassination.

Haunting Miss Trentwood

1887 UK Victorian
YA Gothic Comedy

Left to maintain the family property alone, Mary quickly learns father knows best… even after death.

Catching the Rose

1861 Civil War
YA Sweet Drama

When the world crumbles around her, Veronica takes advantage of the chaos to strike out on her own.

For Children

Beatrice Learns to Dance

Young Reader Picture Book published under another name
Picture Book (2014)
Published as Binaebi Akah

Non-Fiction Collaborations

How To (2012)
Co-Authored as Binaebi Akah
How To Cameo Pages as Binaebi Akah
How To (2012)
Cameo Pages as Binaebi Akah