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Belinda Kroll is the author of three historical novels. She is also the author of non-fiction and children’s storybooks under the name Binaebi Akah.

With a masters in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in English, she helps make websites and software intuitive by day, and puzzles away at her writing by night. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Ohio. Go Bucks!


  • How Belinda Kroll Used Kickstarter to Fund Her Book | PDF (July 2011)
    Catherine Ryan Howard invited me to speak about my process using the micro-funding website for creatives, from the application through the fulfillment.
  • Interviewing Mary Trentwood | PDF (July 2011)
    Katelina interviews Mary Trentwood, the star of Haunting Miss Trentwood. “It rankles that my author has set my father upon me as an intrusive, impudent, domineering ghost…”
  • Q&A with Suzy Turner | PDF (June 2011)
    Suzy Turner, YA fantasy author, interviews me about who I think should play the main characters of Haunting Miss Trentwood in a movie.
  • Written in Blood Interview | PDF (April 2011)
    Katie Salidas from Written in Blood asks about what my family thinks of my writing, writing quirks, and Haunting Miss Trentwood.
  • Pinnacle Writing Interview | (March 2011)
    Thomas Drinkard from Pinnacle Writing asks about my favorite writing teacher and my thoughts about digital publishing.
  • Kickstarting it with Belinda Kroll | (February 2011)
    Bethany Warner invited me to reveal how I used Kickstarter to ramp up excitement and funding for Haunting Miss Trentwood.
  • Kindle Authors Interview | PDF (January 2011)
    David Wisehart from Kindle Authors asks about Haunting Miss Trentwood, my journey as a writing and my writing process, my marketing methods and why I chose to publish on the Kindle.
  • A Buckeye Girl Reads Interview | (January 2011)
    Collette Chmiel asks questions from one Buckeye Girl to another! So much fun chatting about being an author from and living in Ohio.
  • Page Readers Internet Radio | MP3 (December 2010)
    Nanci Arvizu from Page Readers asks what “quirky historical fiction” means on her internet radio channel and the story behind Haunting Miss Trentwood spills out.
  • Jennifer Lane Interview | PDF (December 2010)
    Fellow local author Jen Lane read Haunting Miss Trentwood and love it enough to want to ask a couple of questions about my writing influences.
  • The Publishing Maven Spotlight | PDF (October 2010)
    My editor, Cynthia Sherwood, was so pleased with my writing she put me in contact with The Publishing Maven, one of the big names in the indie author business.
  • The Columbus Dispatch Spotlight | PDF (October 2010)
    Through word-of-mouth, the major local newspaper heard of my Kickstarter project and highlighted it with other Columbus, Ohio projects.
  • Duolit Interview | PDF (September 2010)
    I discuss how my day job as a usability analyst affects my night job as an author, what drew me to the Historical Romance genre and what I’ve learned through the self-publishing process.
  • Critique this WIP Interview | PDF (August 2010)
    I answer a number of questions about why I became a writer, how I battle writer’s block, and much more.

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It’s a small world after all
by Graham Carter (
January 22, 2008

Quite by chance the other night, I came across a site called Worderella Writes, which, to cut a long story short, is a blog written by a young woman called Belinda Kroll, who lives in America and is writing a novel. This novel is based on – of all places – the real life village of Compton Beauchamp, near Ashbury, Wilts, and is set in 1887.

Belinda’s blog/website is interesting because you get to see the inner workings of a novelist’s mind but also because at the moment it’s about an American trying to understand British things, which is always fascinating.