Spooktacular Giveaway: New Cover for Haunting Miss Trentwood!

This time last year, I had been married a month. As such, I forgot it was Haunting Miss Trentwood’s five year publication anniversary! Sad face. This year, I contacted a local cover designer for my belated celebration of this book making its way into the world. Next month, I’ll talk about how the process went with a new cover designer.


Three lucky winners will win book boxes that include free print copies of the gorgeous new cover as part of my participation in the Spooktacular giveaway blog hop. The Spooktacular blog hop is a great opportunity to win prizes by hopping between author / reader blogs and entering their contests.


To win a free book box complete with a signed print copy of the newly redesigned Haunting Miss Trentwood, please enter using the Rafflecopter below. Not sure you want to enter this giveaway?

Here is the newly updated back cover blurb:

Witty, secluded Mary is reeling after her father, Trentwood, passes away and returns in ghostly form. Despite the ghost’s constant prodding, Mary lives in their aging English countryside manor house with only her aunt and their servants for company.

But their quiet home carries secrets even from Mary and Trentwood. When Hartwell, a London lawyer, arrives at their doorstep claiming someone is blackmailing his sister, Mary stumbles into a mystery that forces her to revisit memories and rethink her future.

As Mary and Hartwell seek the blackmailer, each learns about the importance of opening one’s heart to trust and betrayal. Haunting Miss Trentwood is a light gothic tale (think Legend of Sleepy Hollow meets Casper the Friendly Ghost) written from varied perspectives. Readers will be entertained by bright dialogue and encouraged to reflect on the universal themes of dealing with parents and disappointing relationships, and learning to love again.

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29 thoughts on “Spooktacular Giveaway: New Cover for Haunting Miss Trentwood!

  1. A ghost story and mystery, some lovely tea…who could ask for anything more? blueirishmoon at hotmail dot com


  2. I voted for Mistaken as it could be for a male or female; the others indicated males except for Gretchen’s War. 🙂


  3. I love the cover of this book. The art is lovely as is the description of the story line. I would love to hear more about your writing process as you work on your next project.


  4. THE STAND……….both the original & the one where Stephen King put back in the several hundred pages his editor told him to take out(he was new when the first edition was released) and updated all the history of the world that was in the book by almost 10 years.


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