Create a Booktrack (Soundtrack for Books) to Market your Book

booktrackLandingBack in July 2014, I read about Booktrack from Jane Friedman’s blog and simply had to try it out. A “booktrack” is exactly what it sounds like… a soundtrack for a book.

There is no dialogue, so it’s not like a true audiobook. Instead, a cursor moves along the page so you know how fast you should be reading (I believe you can change the reading speed to suit your needs), and you hear the different supporting noises for the words on the page.

I was hooked when I read/heard a sample of Alice in Wonderland, and wanted desperately to create one for Haunting Miss Trentwood. The first chapter is rife with ambient sounds… whispers, the wind blowing, dirt falling on a coffin, a ghost crawling from his grave, teapcups clanging, screams, and heartbeats. It wa a blast to make and took me a couple of hours because I was particular about the proper sounds.

Haunting Miss Trentwood on Booktrack as of April 2015
Haunting Miss Trentwood on Booktrack as of April 2015

How do you create a Booktrack?

When you sign into Booktrack, you’re given the option to add books to your bookshelf, or create a project of your own. The steps I took to create my booktrack included…

  1. Adding a chapter of text, including the chapter heading
  2. Selecting sounds per selected section of text
    1. Seems like you can select a single word, or multiple pages, and then decide whether to loop the sound
    2. You search for sounds via their pre-loaded library, which includes music, ambient noises, and more
  3. Listen to your booktrack and tweak the timing
  4. “Publish” your project by adding a title, byline, cover, description, and genre

 What were my results?

Well, first, I had a lot of fun creating this! It was a blast looking through sounds and syncing them with the text. I published the soundtrack and left it alone… when I checked on it in September I only had a couple reads, so I added the link to my website and tweeted about it. That seemed to help. I also added the Booktrack to the Haunting Miss Trentwood page on this website. When I took the screenshot for this post, it was in April, and I had 326 reads with an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. Not bad for an indie author!

Have my sales improved since publishing the Booktrack? It’s hard to say. I had to comment on the Booktrack page to confirm to readers this was only the first chapter, and people should go to Amazon and elsewhere to purchase the full book. Haunting Miss Trentwood is an odd little duck; part humor, part horror, part historical fiction. It’s a difficult work to market, but there is an audience out there.

Give Booktrack a try if you’ve always dreamed of having a book trailer, but didn’t have the video capabilities. I love my Booktrack a lot more than my traditional trailer for Catching the Rose. I can’t wait to finish my next work so I can make another one!


Caroline from Booktrack reached out to me to correct a slight error in my description of the booktrack (very kindly, I might add!). From Caroline:

The cursor along the page, isn’t there to to tell you how fast you should be reading, it tracks your reading speed and automatically adjusts the sound to your reading pace, to make for a customized reading experience.

So there you have it! Booktrack is even more magical than I described, it automagically tracks your reading speed and adjusts the sound accordingly. Let me know if you guys create any, I’d love to read your works!

5 thoughts on “Create a Booktrack (Soundtrack for Books) to Market your Book

  1. I’m a bit confused when I look at the Booktrack site. It seems that it’s free for the author to create a booktrack, but then there’s a listing of fees. I’d simply enjoy make a “sound” trailer. I don’t want to sell it. But it doesn’t look like that’s an option. So have you added sounds to the entire book and then sell it through Booktracks?


    1. Great question! So, there are a couple of ways to make a Booktrack. The method I chose was to use their existing sound library and sync the sounds (and volume/speed of the sounds) to my text. That method is the free method.

      If you want a completely customised book track, then you can use their professional services. This method requires the Booktrack staff to create new, custom sounds specific to your book. I assume if you choose this method, you intend on selling your booktracks as if they were a different version of an audiobook.

      Either way, you are not required to sell your book track. Mine is free, and I intend to keep it (and any future Booktracks) free. If you want to sell your Booktrack, or sell your eBook through Booktrack, they now provide that option (they did not when I first created mine so I had to link to my other online merchants).

      Does that make sense?


      1. Thanks Belinda, So did you add sounds to the entire book…every chapter? Or is it just the first chapter (sample). Sorry to be dense. Thanks again.


      2. Not a dense question at all! I only uploaded and put sounds to the first chapter because it took me about 6 hours to get it exactly how I wanted it. With roughly 30 chapters in my book… I didn’t want to take that much time. I’ve seen other people do their entire book and I applaud them! I do believe that the larger your file, the longer it takes to render, but that’s an assumption. I’m not entirely sure about that.

        You should try it out and let me know how it goes!


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