The Pros and Cons of Living a Historical Romance Novel

Dear Reader,

It is so easy to wish you lived the life of a heroine from a romance novel. I know I do, sometimes, when I’m lost in a particularly good historical romance. I began to wonder, what are the pros and cons involved?

Pro: Even if you’re ugly (let’s face it, you’re probably pretty and just have bad self-esteem), you’re gonna end up with a beautiful man. No, not physically. I mean, he might be physically beautiful. I certainly hope you, as the heroine, think he’s attractive. No, I mean he’s got a beautiful soul, the type that makes  you feel beautiful because of the way he looks at you.

Con: You probably had to suffer something in order to deserve such a beautiful man, like losing all your money, parents, or home, or all of those combined. Maybe you lost the affection of the duke and are having to settle for that viscount who always admired you from afar. Or let’s face it, you were never on the duke’s radar.

Pro: All the men wear suits. All the time. And they look good doing it. And when they aren’t wearing suits, they roll their sleeves up to their elbows to show off those delicious forearms of theirs. They also lose their cravats, giving you a peek at their impressive pecs.

Con: You have to wear a corset. Good luck breathing or eating or, you know, moving comfortably.

Pro: If you’re the typical historical romance heroine, you have at least one servant to help you get dressed. She knows how to do your hair so you always look good, she knows the colors that show off your eyes, and she knows when to tighten that corset to really get your man’s attention.

Con: You can’t dress or undress yourself because there are so many freaking layers to have to tie into place.

Pro: You need help getting undressed. Ask your hero. He will be glad to help, and you will be glad you asked him to.

Con: It might take him half an hour to undress you because of all those layers, so unless he’s awesome at teasing, you can lose the mood quickly.

Pro: You probably have two guys interested in you, and at the same time. However will you choose??

Con: One of those guys may very well try to shoot you or the guy you chose out of jealousy. That, or challenge your beau to a duel. Or kidnap you. Or threaten your family, if you’re one of those lucky heroines who has a family.

Pro: You often get to stand at the top of a staircase, hand on the rail, looking down at a man who is absolutely blown away by how the candles make your hair shine.

Con: It is freaking hot under those candles and the smoke is getting in your eyes and for heaven’s sake, and you have to walk down the stairs in heels without wiping out. And you’re still wearing a corset.

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2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Living a Historical Romance Novel

  1. PRO: If you are a woman of the noble class you will never need to learn to cook.

    CON: You will however need to oversee the kitchens and might need to feed hundreds of people with little notice should an overlord with his entourage pay a visit. That will strain your larders and send many soldiers to the nearby forests hoping to return with fresh game.


    1. Haha I love it! I assume similar situations of freaking out about not being prepared would happen if an outbreak happened and people got sick, etc. Sounds like you're going for the medieval historical romance? What are some of your favorite books/authors from that genre? I haven't really dipped into it much.


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