Five Ways to Recharge your Writing Space

Dear Reader,

Two weeks ago I needed to make a change about my home office. I felt as though something about my home office/guest bedroom was stifling my creativity, but I couldn’t figure out what or why.

A friend came over and wanted to show me something online, so I watched him sit at my desk. Eureka! Suddenly everything was clear. My desk had my back facing the door, something that has always made me feel uncomfortable. Watching my friend sit there highlighted how awkwardly I had arranged my home office.  Here are some tips to make your home office inspire your muse by rearranging your furniture.

Position your desk so you face the door/entrance to your office space.

The farther your desk is from the door, the better. According to feng shui practices, this is called a “commanding” position. Think of every executive’s office you’ve seen a in a movie. When you place your desk facing the entrance to your space, you are able to watch every move someone makes as they approach you. It’s a power play, and it works. If you can’t do that, or if your desk must face a wall, put art on the wall to make it “disappear,” like a pastoral scene.

Encourage natural light.

I’m a heliophile. If I don’t get sun, I become the definition of emo, and all my creative and happy thoughts leave me in a miserable pile of woe is me. You might not have the same problem, but natural light is a great way to make a space just feel better.

Face your desk toward your book shelves.

I’m assuming that if you’re a writer, you have a number of books. You read them for information and inspiration. Why wouldn’t you want to stare at them while you let your mind wander? Just looking at books inspires me to keep writing, sometimes, and when I turned my desk around to see my bookshelves and whiteboards, suddenly I was able to write a thousand words in half an hour. Try it, see what happens.

Get rid of clutter!

I still need to do this. Currently my laptop is balancing on a pile of papers precariously. When I have a clean desk, I’m much faster at writing because I have nothing to distract me. Take a day to file away papers that aren’t necessary to your current work, take a deep breath, and move on.

Rearrange often.

Keep the creative energy in your space flowing by trying to rearrange something in the room every six months. Maybe you have a plant that could move from one shelf to another. Maybe the shelf sitting behind you can go across the room. Maybe you can shift the angle of your desk from perpendicular to the wall to a 45 degree angle. Whatever it is, change something so when you enter the room next time, your senses notice the change, which could spark curiosity and excitement.

Doing these things helped me, hopefully they will help you, too. All the best,


2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Recharge your Writing Space

  1. Great tips. I realize my brain gets cluttered because my work space is in my bedroom, albeit facing a window, but with my back to the door and a bunch of furniture surrounding me. And the bookshelf idea is a good one–the stacks of books on the floor and beside me are the result of the shelf being on the far side of the room, lol.


    1. I know, right? I still need to clean off all the papers on my desk, but I feel so much more productive in the space when I stare at my whiteboards and bookshelves. They're begging me to get up, move around, create something.


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