Focusing on Writing

Dear Reader,

I’ve been re-organizing my life a little… trying to figure out priorities and such. I’ve been making dance a larger part of my life because it’s healthy for me (I don’t stay sitting alone in front of a computer), and because being around people inspires new subplots, etc.

Did you not know that I social dance? I do. I can swing dance, lindy hop, charleston, and balboa. Actually, I can do two types of swing dancing: west and east coast. I can do a little hustle, some salsa, and nightclub two step with a good lead.

I digress. I don’t want to commit to a posting schedule because even though I want to maintain my goal of writing at least 750 words a week, I want to dedicate those words to The Rebel’s Hero. The amount of time it takes to write a post, since I try to craft them and not ramble (whether I succeed at this is questionable), is taking resources away from plotting, crafting, character-ing the new book.

If I’m good, I’ll have The Rebel’s Hero written and ready for editing by late August/early September, pushing for an October or November release. If I’m bad, I won’t make that tentative timeline.

Wish me luck! I’ll still be fairly active on Twitter, and probably not very active on Facebook. I’m really trying to focus my attention for the next book. I’ll make sure to drop by now and then, though!

Wish me luck,