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Dear Reader,

Quick update today. I went to rural Minnesota for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary over the weekend, which was a nice break from my usual hectic pace. I mean, the travel was hectic, but once we all got to the farm and I got to play with all the babies and puppies, life was pretty good.

In terms of writing, I have been guzzling articles and books about the Civil War, which is proving very helpful for The Rebel’s Hero. Luckily, I think I can keep most of the premise the same… I only have to change the location and some of the character motivations in order to be true to the time.

I just decided I will be doing A Round of 80 Words – Round Three. As in, just. I feel guilty for not keeping up as a sponsor during Round Two, but oh well. I think my goals will be the same… write at least 750 words per week. Doesn’t matter the project, I just need to keep writing.

And here’s something interesting I read over the weekend while doing research…

From the Notebook

Kentucky was a perfect reflection of the emotional and socio-political climate of the nation before and during the war. Free Kentuckians were split three ways: those who supported the Confederacy, those who supported the Union, and those who were for neutrality. Technically, you could say people were split four ways, because Unionists weren’t always abolitionists. Saying you were for the Union only meant you were against secession, not for freeing slaves.

Now here’s where it gets REALLY interesting. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves from those states that had already seceded from the union. Because Kentucky was in the hands of the Union by this time, it didn’t have to free its slaves. Neither did Maryland, or other northern slave-holding states. Kentucky didn’t free its slaves until it was forced to via the 13th Amendment almost eight months later.

The kicker? Wait for it.

Kentucky didn’t offer its support of the 13th Amendment, officially, until 1976.

Anyone who says history is dead is walking around with blinders on, so says I.



6 thoughts on “Joining the Ranks

  1. I noticed a lot of folks doing simplified goals this round, so you're certainly not alone. And 750 per week sounds reasonable, so it looks like you're well on your way to a productive Round 3. Good luck!


  2. I know exactly what you mean; the goal I set doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that I just keep working toward *some* goal. Best of luck this round!


  3. Glad to see that you've also thrown in your hat for Round 3! And egads, your historical fact for the day is absolutely mind-boggling… although given the complex and sordid history surrounding the end of slavery, race, Jim Crow, civil rights, etc, I suppose I should not be surprised. But you are correct — history is most definitely not dead, and shouldn't be forgotten.


    1. Yeah, it's always surprising once you really start to get into historical research. For my last book, I learned that the fireworks shot during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee had a set that looked like the queen's face. Only… some of the fireworks didn't go off in time, so the beloved queen was made to look as though she was winking. Very undignified.


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