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trh_smallDear Reader,

I kept with my ROW80 goals again this week, yay! I hit 750 words, and in so doing, changed an aunt to an uncle, rewrote sections of three chapters, and wrote the first draft to the back cover copy, as shown below. I’d love your feedback! I styled the back cover content on the back covers I’ve seen from other historical romance authors who went back to rewrite a beloved story.

The common way for authors to address the fact that the book in hand is a rewrite includes making it a personal letter from the author, explaining the history of the book, and giving a synopsis for new readers who don’t know of the original version. Have I covered my bases?

Dear Reader,

I began The Rebel’s Hero as a rewrite of my high school senior thesis, a Civil War romance called Catching the Rose. The original was written with all the innocence and energy of a seventeen-year-old. I was flattered and gratified that so many readers picked up Catching the Rose, not expecting a book by a teenager, but a first serious attempt at being an author.

After publishing my second book, Haunting Miss Trentwood, my thoughts drifted to Catching the Rose. I itched to begin it again, this time with a tighter plot structure and deeper character motivations. Out of that reworking came The Rebel’s Hero.

When Tempest Granville’s step-father announced he was marrying her off in between slurps of soup at dinner, she knew right then that her home was no longer a safe haven from the impending war between the states.

The night of a successful slave smuggling mission leaves Daniel Ritter exhausted, but jubilant. When a bedraggled Tempest appears on his doorstep, her presence does more than spark alarm. Suddenly Daniel is having visions of his past, the very past he has struggled to reclaim memories of for nine years.

Join Tempest and Daniel as romance flares, the war begins, and urgency builds as they realize Daniel’s missing memory is the key to a wicked and heartbreaking family secret.

Happy reading,

Belinda Kroll

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11 thoughts on “The Rebel’s Hero Synopsis

  1. Didn't know that about rewrites and how to share the fact with readers. My WIP is also a rewrite. You've given me something to think about. Congrats on your progress!


    1. Thanks! I noticed lately that the books I've been reading of popular historical romance authors are actually rewrites of some of their first published books. I really liked reading their letters to me about the history of the book, and figured it would be a fun thing to do for The Rebel's Hero.

      Especially since I'm leaving Catching the Rose as-is, in case readers are curious about it/want to read it.


  2. great work – I didn't know one had to write if it was a rewrite – suppose it makes sense. all the best for next week – keep smiling


    1. Well, I don't know if I have to tell my readers that it's a rewrite… but this is my third book. If a reader picks up Catching the Rose after reading this one, they will be disappointed, and maybe feel mislead because the core of the stories are still very similar. I want my reader to know that they are reading a story that began as a rewrite to reduce confusion and irritation.


  3. I believe that you have hit the target for the rewrite back cover! Excellent work and I am looking forward to it's release. Wishing you luck on the continuing rewrite.


  4. Rocking, woman, rocking. I've never seen an author address this issue myself, but your handling seems a cool way to put it out there. Let us know how this works!


    1. Awesome! Yeah, I'm just taking my cue from other historical romance authors… apparently this is something we do, rewrite earlier books, haha. I'll definitely let you know how it goes!


  5. Great work, Belinda! You've met your goals and written a great explanation/synopsis here. I think it's very considerate to let your readers know that this is a rewrite. They will appreciate your honesty and the insight into your writing journey. Well done!


    1. Thanks Claire! That's a great insight, that it's considerate to let the reader know it's a rewrite. I saw it as something fun for the reader to know. I always like to read author notes and letters to the reader, and when I saw a bunch of historical authors with back covers that explained the book was a rewrite, I loved it. Figured I might as well try it… I'm writing what I like to read, and there are bound to be others who will like it as well!


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