Roundup for Round of Words

Dear Reader,

I can’t believe that today is the last day of Kait Nolan’s first Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80). She has asked us to focus on what we did accomplish, rather than bewail what we did not.

For posterity reasons, I should note that my goals for ROW80 were lofty. I was supposed to write 750 words a day for the rewrite of Catching the Rose, and release an anthology of contemporary fiction short stories.

I did not do that. Not exactly.

I never released the short story anthology. My winter was full of ups and downs that killed my passion for the project, sadly. It really wasn’t until I was struck with a super bad cold/sinus infection that laid me out for a week (I telecommuted from my bed for three days) that I finally got inspiration to work on the Catching the Rose rewrite.

As I was getting better, work got more stressful… making my stomach more sensitive… meaning I’ve been dealing with a food poisoning-esque experience the last three days.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve written over 2,000 words. Baller. When I was sick with the cold/sinus infection, I wrote a couple thousand. Double baller. I also re-titled the work from Catching the Rose to The Rebel’s Hero and am within spitting distance of introducing the hero to the heroine. Triple baller and a half.

I have to say I’m surprised I lasted. When I started ROW80, I kind of thought I wouldn’t make it. That it would be a way to get things started, but who knew if I’d really finish? But I made it to the end, with different results than I expected, but results all the same.

Feels pretty good. Thanks Kait for putting this together! Check out what the other ROW80 survivors are saying…



15 thoughts on “Roundup for Round of Words

  1. well done – you did acheive despite all the illness – it's the hardest thing to be creative when unwell – hope to see you in April


  2. I'm glad you stuck with it, Belinda. I'm sorry you've been so ill, but you made it through!


  3. Yay for making it to the end!! I think your positives are quite substantial and you should be proud of yourself. Hopefully you won't be so ill during the next round!


  4. I remember your struggles, which makes all the success that much better. I think you did great. Hope you'll be back for round 2.


    1. That is what I keep telling myself, haha. I will admit, I feel pretty good about the writing lately. Learning to slow down, give myself a break, and that gives me time to read and write. Still unsure whether I will join Round 2, but right now, it is looking good.


  5. Honestly, sometimes it is hard to be creative no matter the circumstance! Lately I have finally felt "the bug" to write. And when that happens, boy do I take off like gangbusters. Feels good to have this feeling back.


  6. Congratulations on sticking it out to the end, and on your 24-hour marathon- wow! Hope you have a speedy fully recovery, and hope to see you in the next round!


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