Two Thousand Words

Dear Reader,

I wrote two thousand words last week. Pretty pumped about that. It’s for the Catching the Rose rewrite. I also wrote out a preliminary outline for the new book which has yet to have a real title. The working title is Secondhand Sister.

It pays to sleep all the time from being super sick. Yeah? Yeah? Not really, but at least I got some writing done.

I dropped the prices of my novels to $1.99 in celebration of eBook week. You have until the end of Friday to get your 50% discount code RAE50: Haunting Miss Trentwood and Catching the Rose.

That’s a deal if I ever heard of one. I decided to make the change across all my distributors, so that includes Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords. We’ll see what this does with sales.

How are the other ROW80 writers doing? We’re winding down on the last month and our numbers are dwindling…



8 thoughts on “Two Thousand Words

  1. The discount sounds good. Your 2,000 brings up all sorts of bad memories, like the fact that I had a holiday today and did no writing at all. Ah welll, tomorrow's another day.


    1. Thanks! Everyone likes a good read, and they like it better when it doesn't cost much, right?

      Now, I didn't write that 2k in one night! It was spread over a couple of nights. Still, pretty pleased that I finally wrote something after a while.


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