Unexpected Progress

Dear Reader,

I’ve made unexpected progress. Unexpected, because it doesn’t have to do with writing, sadly. Once again not following through with my ROW80 goals. I once again have taken a break from the writing, but instead made progress on some of my web presence issues.

Maybe I should change my ROW80 goal altogether. To something like, “Do it. Whatever it is, if it takes you one measurable step forward this week, do it.”

You see, I have a Facebook Page, but have struggled with what to do with it. Even though I have a computer engineering degree, the FBML app just confused the crap out of me that last time I tried to work with it. I was over-thinking it like CRAZY, which isn’t a surprise. That’s kind of my modus operandi, to be honest.

That said, I finally buckled down yesterday and worked on two graphics for the fan page: a large banner on the left, and a splash image for the welcome tab. AND, I figured out how to get the stupid FBML tabs to work so I can throw in my HTML. So now we have a “welcome” tab and a “buy a copy” tab. The content from “buy a copy” came straight from my Bright Bird Press website. Easy peasy. What took me so long?

No clue. But I credit ROW80 for making me do something about it. Check out how everyone else is doing, will you?

All the best,


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Progress

  1. Dude, can you like, write a tutorial on how to do that? Because I just looked at it (and I'm no computer dummy) and I'm like "huh?"


    1. Well… this is just about Facebook, which is a very specific part of the web/computers haha. Basically, you can have a Facebook profile, which is personal. You have to be a person to have a profile.

      But a Facebook page is for a public entity. Either a person, band, etc. Think of it as a Facebook version of a Myspace page for a band. You can "customize" the page by adding tabs through Facebook apps, which aren't really apps, but more like plugins to the page.

      Anyway, I feel you. It's not real web design, or real computer science. It's the Facebook crazy. You'll see on Monday, when my tutorial will go live.


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