Frustration, Deadlines, Delays

Dear Reader,

I announced last week through Twitter that I was unplugging from my social networks for a while. I wanted to get Love or Lack Thereof to my editor this past weekend. Did that happen? No, because I have three extended short stories to edit still and I completely underestimated how much time that would take.

What does this mean? It means that my anthology won’t be out in time for Valentine’s Day because my editor is booked through February. To be honest, I am so drained right now that I can’t imagine getting the anthology to her before March anyway.

This does mean I can look forward to a March release. Just in time for the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing, and all you lovebirds to become couples. Spring is the season for love, and that’s what this anthology is about. Well, leaning a bit more on the savory side of things, however.

I didn’t get any writing done last week, or this weekend. I’m not worried about it because I needed the break to get my bearings. Much like Zoe, Kait, and Susan, I’ve been feeling the pressure of the all-encompassing DIY approach for my books. So I’ve failed this week’s ROW80 completely.

I’m thinking what I need to do is just, well, chill the freak out. Re-prioritize, as it were, to feel like I can write again. I need to start haunting book stores and coffee shops to get back into the creative writing mindset.

I am excited about releasing Love or Lack Thereof, and the re-release of Catching the Rose. But holy cow, did I make an aggressive schedule for myself without realizing it.

How are your projects going? Frustrated with how long it is taking things? Wondering if you need to alter your deadlines? Sad that you’re suffering through delays?

6 thoughts on “Frustration, Deadlines, Delays

  1. All the DIYness of this can definitely be overwhelming. Nothing wrong with taking some time to recharge yourself and get back in the groove!


    1. I know, but I feel like… I mean, everyone else has been at it longer than me, how can I be burned out already, and not have nearly the numbers others can boast, etc?! My guilt is only making this whole trying to recharge thing take even looooonger…


  2. Thank you! I wish I wasn't feeling burned out right in the middle of this writing challenge, but it's nice to know others are in the same boat and/or are supportive. 🙂


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