Indie Lovers Unite

Dear Reader,

I am stealing this idea from Stacey because it’s brilliant: buy indie this holiday season! As I am a part of the indie movement in more ways than one (authorship, furniture, food, clothing, jewelry, etc), my list of indie merchants will reflect this, obviously. What are the benefits to buying indie? Stacey summed it up for me pretty well…

The experience of purchasing something that was created by someone who will chat with you on Facebook or comment on your blog or even thank you for supporting them is great!

It’s true. When I pulled together my Kickstarter care packages, I made sure everything involved was indie, if possible. The “surprise” was coffin soap from Etsy merchant My Vintage Vanity, and she was brilliant. Made forty soaps in a week and shipped them to me in time to post images on the Kickstarter website. The Haunting Miss Trentwood book launch party was catered by Sugar Inc Cupcakes and Tea, and as a barter I made the website. I love indie creators. It’s what my masters thesis was about, to be honest.

So without further ado, my list of indie people you might want to buy from this holiday season.

Shop at Etsy and Feel Good

My friend ArtsiBitsi at Etsy makes these adorable monsters that protect your Android, iPod, iPhone, etc. One of my friends from grad school started her own screen printing press, called Gas Stove Press, and she makes awesome nature prints for you to enjoy.

Etsy has this awesome functionality where I can create lists of products from independent merchants that relate to my books, Catching the Rose and Haunting Miss Trentwood. I could spend so much time there. I want to make lists for each of the main characters, as well. Enjoy!

Support Indie Music

The Phantods were originally billed as Zombie Polka Rock. Once you stop giggling at this  awesome genre you didn’t know existed, buy their music. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Indie Books by Other Authors

I’ll admit I stole most of this list from Stacey. It’s a good list!

Young Adult

Susan Bischoff, Imogen Rose, Amanda Hocking, Sarra Cannon, Jess C Scott, V.J. Chambers, Jason Letts, Elizabeth Isaacs


Zoe Winters, Kait Nolan, Ashlynn Monroe, Claire Farrell, Tarrant Smith, Nicole Zoltack, Lauralynn Elliott, Amber Scott, H.P. Mallory, Stacey Wallace Benefiel


David Dalglish, Daniel Arenson, William Meikle, Cristyn West, Mari Miniatt, David Wisehart, Scott Nicholson

Historical Fiction

Belinda Kroll, Jens Kuhn, JR Lindermuth, Joel Kirkpatrick, Zoe Archer

I’m fibbing a bit with the historical fiction simply because there aren’t many indie historical fiction authors that I’ve been able to find. I am on the hunt, though, so let me know in the comments if I missed anyone and I will add them to the list!

So there you have it. Go indie this holiday season and feel good about the fact that you are supporting the arts.

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  1. Thanks, Belinda! I'm glad you added some other authors to the list, now I have even more to choose from!


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