Cyber Monday Sale!


Dear Reader,

It’s Cyber Monday, which is the Black Friday for online shopping. Those of you not in the United States, this is the day to get the best online sales.

Digital Discounts

Cyber Monday is also the day to buy my books. I’m giving you premium discount codes if you sign up for my email newsletter. Sign up by December 1, 2010 to receive 66%-off coupon codes for both digital copies of Catching the Rose and Haunting Miss Trentwood.

66% off the list price? This means each book will cost you about a dollar. A dollar. Why yes, I am enabling you to impulse buy. It’s the holidays! Give yourself a break.

If you don’t want to sign up for the newsletter, that’s okay. By reading this blog you are enrolled for the 50%-off discount code, listed below. Yay for holiday season and books that only cost $1.50! Click the book title to access the purchase page, and use your discount code at checkout.

All codes will be active until December 25, 2010.

Holiday Boxed Sets

You also have access to a select number of boxed sets, as listed below, for your holiday shopping pleasure. All books will be autographed and come with a variety of swag including postcards, magnets, and mini bookmarks.

  • Two sets of Catching the Rose and Haunting Miss Trentwood, tied together with a ribbon and a note addressed to the recipient of your choice. Priced at $25 + S/H.
  • Two sets of Haunting Miss Trentwood with the famed coffin soap. Priced at $20 + S/H.

To order a boxed set, contact me with your interest. Since these are limited edition sets, it’s a first-come-first-served sort of deal, unfortunately.

Belinda! I want to read more books!

It is so flattering to hear that people want more from me. It also puts the pressure on, but in a  delicious sort of way. I’ve begun brainstorming for the next book, tentatively called The Secondhand Sister. It’s a working title, so go with me on this.

The book picks up months after Haunting Miss Trentwood with a different set of characters who just so happen to know some of the characters from HMT. It’s almost… like… I’m writing a series. Which is weird, because I tend not to like reading series. But this is what the characters want, so I guess I’m going with it.

Best of luck with your Cyber Monday shopping!


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