Book Launch Tea Party

The book launch last week was a success! We had about twenty people, many who knew me, and a few who just happened to see a flier in one of the many Columbus libraries. My 8th grade English teacher came, and the mother of one of my elementary school friends (who also backed this project!). It was a lot of fun.

Special thanks must go to Adrienne, who utilized her journalism background to facilitate the beginning of the party. Without her excellent questions, I might have sat there blinking at my audience for a moment longer than would have been comfortable. 🙂

Thanks must also go to Ava of Sugar Inc, for providing delicious tea and cupcakes for the event. Yay!

My brother took photos with his phone, which I’ve shared below. His phone takes the same quality photos as my old camera. Technology is amazing. Anyway, thanks everyone who was able to make it!