Book Launch Tea Party Tonight!

Guess what? Tonight is the book launch party! And guess what’s even better? All of the books AND the coffin soaps came in last night! I’ve attached pictures so you can see the products in all their glory. So. Details.

Haunting Miss Trentwood Tea Tasting
October 27, 2010
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Auditorium of the Columbus Metropolitan Library
96 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, OH

We are having gourmet teas that have been selected because they represent the main characters in Haunting Miss Trentwood. We are also having gourmet cupcakes. The tea and cupcakes are being provided by Ava Misseldine of central Ohio’s Sugar Inc ( We’re doing a barter exchange; she helps me with the book launch, I made her website. Creative persons, unite!

I hope to see you at the tea tasting. It should be a lot of fun.