Worderella Enters a Word War

Dear Reader,

I’ve been in a writing slump thanks to my car breaking down. Last night, I saw a tweet for help from the lovely manda903, aka Amanda Racette, saying she needed inspiration.

What sort of inspiration? She wanted to partake in a word war. Now, I’ve known of word wars for years, but have never taken part in one, other than the type where I’m working against the clock  like 750words.com and NaNoWriMo.org. In both situations, my war companion is myself. I’m fighting the clock alone.

But last night, I went for it. A thousand words in one hour, with Amanda as my war companion. We each had to report to one another how many words we wrote, during whatever time span.

I did 1100 words in 50 minutes. Amanda did 1400 in 60 minutes. Definitely worth the initial fear of failure.

Have you had similar situations where you just had to suck it up and go for it, risking failure?

All the best,