Worderella Gets Synchronized

Dear Reader,

No, I am not talking about synchronized swimming. Rather, I am talking about the attempt to synchronize my on-line goings-on. You see, I can be reached at a number of places on-line, including…

That is a lot of places on which to keep tally. I’m certain I’ve forgotten a couple, too.

How do I keep up with all these profiles?

Luckily, applications like Google’s Feedburner allows me to automatically tweet when I post a blog topic or add links to my Delicious account. It also provides you, dear Reader, multiple options to subscribe. You can choose the RSS reader of your choice, or you can receive an e-mail digest of this blog, Worderella Writes.

Facebook allows me to import my blog posts as notes, so those of you keeping up with me there have the opportunity to stay involved. Facebook also automatically forwards all of my tweets from Twitter to be a Facebook status update.

I am trying a new WordPress plugin that should allow Facebook comments on my notes to be ported back to the blog and vice versa, so everyone can be a part of the conversation.

Goodreads allows me to import my blog posts as well.

I embed my Scribd documents on my website. When I read something on Scribd, I can “readcast it,” which is like broadcasting, to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Likewise, when I upload a new document, I can broadcast it to Twitter and Facebook.

I keep up with the  Twitter and Facebook statuses of friends through a Firefox plugin called Yoono.

Moral of the story? Start poking around your on-line profiles. See which ones will link automatically to the other so you don’t lose your hair trying to keep up with all of the trends. It makes life so much easier.

What are your methods of dealing with on-line profile management and marketing? I’m always looking for new tricks.

All the best,


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