Worderella Asks How to Name a Micro-Press

This has been an ongoing struggle for me, this naming of my micro-press. My personal brand is Worderella, but do I want to associate that with all the books I might print? For instance, my younger brother also wrote a novel for his high school senior thesis, and has expressed interest in publishing.

Worderella Books wouldn’t really speak to his style of writing, unfortunately.

I’ve begun to read up on how to name a business, and let me tell you, I’m a little frustrated. I don’t want to rely on a “naming firm,” the whole point of this venture is to become a true entrepreneur and do as much as possible with the resources I have at hand.

A business name needs to be descriptive without being too narrow, vague without being off-putting, recognizable while being new, etc. I need to make sure the name will look good on marketing.

I’ve looked up naming generators and “Doing Business As,” since this will be a sole proprietorship. Once I determine a list of options, I need to make certain someone else hasn’t registered the name with the Ohio Business Registrar.

Why bother?

If I want to set up an ISBN, publish books that I didn’t write, etc, I need a business name. I need to be legitimate, even if I’m a micro-press. So while I’m working on the current book, releasing a re-branding of my previous book, etc, I’m hoping the wheels in the back of my head are churning out names for me to approve.

I’ve been asked what sort of books I want to publish, and primarily, they will be fiction. I write historical fiction and romance, my brother writes adventure and fantasy. See my problem? There’s a wide range I could potentially publish. So what’s a girl to do?