This week we don’t have class due to my professor having a conference, which is nice. I’ve been reading through the class critiques of my most recent story, which is always interesting. Sometimes people get what you were trying to do, and sometimes, they don’t, they really don’t.

I’ve been trying some really different things with my writing these last couple of weeks. I’ve written about a woman who missed the funeral of her boyfriend due to his mother lying to her… and so dug up his ashes and took them with her. I wrote a fable about a woman who begins to hug people and the consequences of that. My most recent story begins with a man who wakes up realizing that his mustache has disappeared.

Definitely different for me. The teaching assistant has noticed that I weave in fable/fairy-tale like elements to my stories, which I hadn’t really noticed before. But it makes sense, as I grew up on fairy tales and tend to see magic in the mundane.

This class is very interesting. It’s pushing me in new directions and I’m really interested to see how this will affect my longer works.

Have you ever taken a fiction course? How do you feel it changed you?

Next week, I’ll write about some resources that I’ve found recently about self-publishing.

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