Book: Private Arrangements

Title: Private Arrangements
Author: Sherry Thomas
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 351 pgs.

Summary: Everyone in London envies Lord Camden and Lady Gigi Tremaine’s marriage. It is the epitome of the proper marriage, as they never make a scene, they respect one another’s freedom, and they aren’t too lovey-dovey. Oh, and they haven’t seen one another for ten years. Now that Gigi wants a divorce, Camden returns to London with an obnoxious request in exchange for her freedom to marry again.


pg 1 – Only one kind of marriage ever bore Society’s stamp of approval.

Happy marriages were considered vulgar, as matrimonial felicity rarely kept longer than a well-boiled pudding. Unhappy marriages were, of course, even more vulgar, on a par with Mrs Jeffries’s special contraption that spanked forty bottoms at once: unspeakable, for half the upper crust had experienced it firsthand.

Why should you read this book?

This book is a romance, no doubt about it. The intimate scenes are hot, and most importantly, imperative to the relationship between Gigi and Camden. As a married couple that hasn’t seen one another for ten years, there are past disputes that have to be resolved, old wounds re-opened, and ten years of desire to be satiated. Which they do, but always with a purpose.

For those of you writing romance, read Thomas’s book for an example of well-written intimate scenes that not only further the plot, they shove the plot forward with gusto, making you feel everything the characters feel and more. This is the first romance in a long time where I felt like the author really knew what they were doing. I’m definitely adding Thomas’s backlist to my TBR.

8 thoughts on “Book: Private Arrangements

  1. *g* She only has one other book, Delicious, thus far. I gave this book a wavering B because the writing was excellent. The grade wavers because outside of the writing, I found the characters rather flashy, and the "present day" interactions between Gigi and Camden was too contrived and pat. However, I do admire Sherry Thomas' talent, and am glad to see new historical writers entering the genre and shaking things up.


  2. Haha well, it works for the characters and the time period, Zoe. (Evangeline, correct me if I’m wrong.) I mean, back then, the husband had every right to ask for an heir, in fact, it was expected that the wife give an heir before the couple agreed to have affairs.

    The interesting thing is that at one point, the main characters were very much in love, and Gigi probably wanted to give Camden an heir.


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