Books on Display

Typewriter by Goodfaythe
I live in a 12′ by 10′ room when I’m at home during the summers, and I share it with my younger sister. We don’t have bunk beds, and hardly any storage space. In fact, we have those bed-risers so we can shove things beneath our beds. Most of my stuff is shoved into external storage spaces because there’s hardly any living space in the room.

I would complain, except I don’t pay rent or grocery fees.

The best part of my room is in the back corner of my closet. My closet has those 70’s sliding doors, and it goes deep into the wall on either side, about two feet. That’s where I hang my dresses, jackets, suits, etc…And all the space above the closet rod was wasted until one day, my mother said the most magical words I’ve ever heard: “What do you think about making a mini-library up there?”

Book reader by Banui_graphics Being a bibliophile, I effused my gratitude and excitement at the idea. Problem: I was in school at the time, battling my way through programming assignments and midterms. I couldn’t come home to do it. Time passed. Winter break brought me home to find my mother having already completed my library. To the point where she carefully took out all of my books (numbering above 100, I think), measured the tallest one to determine where the first shelf should go, and so on. Then, she put them back in the order that I had them. I have my own library in my closet. I’m so proud of that library that I smile at it every time I reach up to grab a book. I always talk about expanding, too… when I have my own place, that is. It’s a family joke that I won’t marry a guy who won’t let me have a library. Among other things, like my own writing office, a chaise lounge…

But I understand that other people don’t have the luxury or know-how to create a library in their closets. So, keeping in mind that I haven’t tried some of these products, nor am I receiving any sort of kickbacks for talking about them, here are a couple of really cool book display ideas that I found while searching online.

  1. Conceal Book shelf by Umbra. The idea is that you basically screw a large metal bracket onto the wall, with a small groove. You tuck a hardcover book into the groove, which becomes the bottom “shelf” as it were. The regular size shelf will hold about 10lbs of books, the large one 14 or so. The coolest thing about this shelf is that your books look like they are floating in the middle of the wall. I once had a dream that my walls were covered in floating books when I was younger. What an odd dream to see come true.
  2. Flybrary bookshelf by Umbra. This is sort of nifty, you hang the books on a series of metal arms, essentially creating a shelf out of books. I like to see the spines of my books, however, so this one wouldn’t be for me, but a cool idea nontheless.
  3. Folding Ladder Bookshelf by Picotee Int’l. I just like the look of these ladder bookshelves. The dark wood contrasts any bright colored book you might have, and complements traditional/old books. It’s pretty.
  4. Corner Space Saver Bookshelf by Stacks and Stacks. I hate it when corners go to waste, but then, I hate when anything goes to waste. This is a nifty idea where you can use your corner space and be stylish about it, with books facing the two different directions that the shelves offer.
  5. Flying Nun Shelf by Woodform. All right, I admit that I added this merely because the name made me laugh and think of Sally Fields. A simple floating bookshelf with built-in bookends. Comes in multiple colors.
  6. Hanging Wall Book Display by Children’s Factory Inc. For those of you with children, you can tuck books into the plastic sleeves (much like a hanging shoe sleeve), and that way, the child can always see their favorite books, and make clean up easy.

Let me know if any of you happen to buy these products, and tell me what you think! I’m always looking for new ways to display my books, but I have to be careful with the money I spend, poor college student that I am.