Mini-card Marketing

Worderella Moo mini-cardsSo I never got around to showing you the mini-cards I got from MOO Print Ltd back when I was at LiveJournal. I love these things. My favorite one is the green polka-dot background with the thick white lettering (middle left).They’re small, convenient, and cheap, despite the heavy, quality cardstock. I need to order a new set since these have the old web address on the back, but as they were from a free promotional thing, I’m totally fine with that.

My plan is to leave cards in books that have a similar topic to my writing, as bookmarks, magnets, gift tags… etc. When I make the new set, I want some with my book cover on them. The only thing is that each set has the same text on the back, so I’ll have to plan well.

Worderella mini-card holderAnd they come in the coolest little carrier for the packs of 10, as you can see…

*I don’t get any kickbacks for talking about this product, I just like it.