Being Worderella

Things have been crazy around Worderella’s part of the world lately. I took the GRE yesterday, my second time, just to see if I could improve my somewhat decent score. I did, so huzzah! I have been reading a lot, which explains the lack of article-posting and the proliferation of book-review-posting. I’m also working on graduate school applications, my college’s magazine, and my appeal to graduate form which gets me priority scheduling for the next year.

I have not been writing. I wrote about ten thousand words last month, and this month, maybe two. I’m not too worried about this, however, because I came to a scene where I realized my character, who is very spirited, was doing something no girl in her right mind would do in 1887 London. Back to the research books for me! I have this horrible habit of doing enough general research to get the muse flowing, and then once I need actual details, I start the real research, the hunting in my university’s huge library (how I’m going to miss it when I graduate!), the desperate eBay buys for books long out of print and discarded from libraries.

My current dilemma: how would a spirited American girl, attempting to marry an English title, act in London? Basically, I need her to embarrass herself without causing so great a scandal that she becomes un-marriageable. Thus, I’m reading this great book called To Marry an English Lord, Or, How Anglomania Really Got Started by Gail MacColl. Having already read the biography of Jennie Churchill nee Jerome, I had a good idea of how an American like Jennie might get married, but this book gives details for all the major Pan-Atlantic marriages, as well as a more approachable look at the royal family and their interaction with the aristocracy…so much material, so many ideas, and I’m only 22 pages in!

Over at History Hoydens, one of my favorite blogs, they talk about the research they do for their historical romance. Today they have an amazing post on the truth behind Jane Austen and Tom LeFroy…I couldn’t have written it better, so anyone interested in seeing Becoming Jane ought to read that post first. Tom LeFroy was not the inspiration for Mr Darcy. I’m sorry, but it is true.

In other news, the new Writer’s Digest is out, and I’m in it! My author website,, was submitted for the Top Author Website Contest, and I placed top ten! In celebration, I’ve added a few items to the website, such as samples of my old writings; short stories from high school, poetry from college. I’ve also added an announcements section to the index page…I hope to keep the content fresh on the website but it’s hard as a full-time engineering student, so I’ll update you here at the blog if new things show up.

And for those of you who think you might never become a published author, check out Erica Writes August 15 post about how one procrastinating woman not only impressed the great Miss Snark with a hook that had no manuscript to go with it, she has since gotten representation for it! A great story, and she’s holding a title contest. Check her out!