Writer’s Digest Website Contest

I was just notified that I am a finalist for the Writer’s Digest Best Writer’s Website Contest! I’ll be in the October issue, so look for me, Belinda Kroll at http://www.worderella.com! This is very exciting, as I was certain I wouldn’t even place.

In other news, I’m a little over 40% complete with First Draft B. It’s pretty amazing how these characters are taking over.

I have a couple more book reviews to post, as I’m inhaling my summer reading almost as quickly as I inhale food…and I’m planning on posting more notes from my notebooks. I just got my Dickens’s Dictionary of London 1888 in the mail today, so I might post a few of my notes from that as well.

Things are looking up! I hope your works-in-progress are coming along as you want them to!

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