Quote: Write, Write, and Write Some More

Word Nerd: What piece of advice helped you out the most as a writer?

FFORDE: Do it for fun. Do it for yourself. Do it because you want to write. Writers write because they can’t stop. They scribble notes in books, write poetry, jot down good snippets of dialogue and generally exist in their own little world. Write, write and write some more. Write what you want to write, no matter how daft it seems. Don’t be frightened of dumping a sentence, character, chapter or book and starting again. When you’ve finished one book, write another. You’ll be surprised how much better the second one is to the first. Above all, enjoy it. Even if you never find a publisher, you’ll still have been on a wonderful adventure.

Taken from Word Nerd’s interview with Jasper Fforde (one of my favorite authors!)