The First Thing a Reader Sees is the Cover

If you’re trying to make it big as a self-publisher, investing in your marketing is key. Don’t just slap a picture as your cover or use some template, hire a design team! Not only will they give you a great cover, they’ll also give you ideas about bookmarks and business cards (which you can leave in library books similar to your own book), posters, postcards, etc. Look at the following companies for a headstart to a great marketing plan.

Dunn+Associates Design: book cover design, speaker material. From start to finish, we design so that you SELL. You not only get a dynamic cover look, you walk away with a powerful set of marketing tools. It’s the way we design your cover and your self-publishing brand that gets readers, reviewers, distributors, bookstores, and more, to all say YES! You hit the streets running with proven tools for promoting your book straight to the top.

Hey, John Edwards went through them, why not you?

Book Cover Express: book cover designer, book cover artists. Book Cover Express offers a full range of services, including free Bookland EAN barcodes. We can create any size book cover and format it to your printer’s specifications. All this, with an author-friendly, work-for-hire contract.

Dan Poynter from ParaPublishing says this company should be “added to your production company,” and I must admit, the covers do look pretty nice.