Research: Text and Games

Getting stuck on finding the texts you need for your research? Believe me, I’ve been there. After reading one book, liking some of the information but wishing I could read the book that a certain chapter referenced, I then start the hunt. I look at my local library, I look in my university library. Given that my university is huge, when the book isn’t here, I begin to despair. I look at the bookstores, but all the chain stores around here have no imaginative texts at all. I look online, only to find the book is completely out of print, or, I could use my soul and some change as payment to get a mint condition version of the book from Amazon or eBay. If I’m lucky.

And then came Project Gutenberg. Oh, it’s wonderful. Maybe your book is completely out of print, and you don’t want to buy it off of eBay or Amazon for the $1506483-gajillion dollars the used merchant is asking for. Project Gutenberg is a group of people working to bring copyright-free (aka really old) texts online. There’s a book here that was published three different times, and I needed the 1886 version, specifically. Guess what? Project Gutenberg has all three versions. I think they even take requests for new titles. And they’re always looking for helpers! Wink wink nudge nudge, you know what I mean.

And something else to tickle your history bone: Rules to Period Games. I think the ones listed here are mainly card games, but nonetheless, if you’re writing a period piece, or a fantasy and want something to spark your gaming imagination, check this place out.

All right, it’s back to Finals Week for me. I just finished writing my second paper and I need to print it, then I get to cram for my evening exam AND my 8am tomorrow morning exam. Continue writing, everyone!