So, as you all know, I finished my first complete draft this past Friday. This means that I’ve been thinking about the novel the entire weekend, wanting to read it through, but each time, not being able to because I’m too close to the work and so can’t read it without wanting to edit it. I know how my writing mind works: I have to work and work, and then leave it alone for a couple months to be completely unassociated with it. Look at it with fresh eyes. I just love the ending, though. Not how it’s written, but the feeling of it. The mood. The atmosphere and hope.

Anyway, I’m still reading Dorian Gray. I only read it while waiting for my Folklore class, so that’s about twenty minutes a week. Otherwise I would have finished it way before now. I keep jotting little phrases I like out of it, which also takes time. Paperback Writer found a couple cool links about writing novel queries, which you can find below.

By the way, how are your projects going? What do you do once you’ve completed a draft?

Sample Query from Preditors and Editors.
Tips for Romance Queries from Terri Irene Blaine’s free Basics of Writing Romance lessons.
Another Sample Query from Kelly James-Enger.
StoryTellers Unplugged gives a good idea about what to send as a novel proposal, cover sheet etc included.