Exciting New Links!

Bloomsbury, an independent publisher whose home is the UK, has a wonderful Writer’s Area with articles about how to submit materials, approach a publisher, what you can expect an agent to do for you, and even lists agents from the US and UK/Ireland. I spent quite a bit of time here. They also have a Research Center, which I haven’t played around with yet, but they claim to have over 17,000 cross-referenced, free entries that you can utilize for your writing. I’m just itching to try it out! (And yes, this is the publisher that found J.K.Rowling.)

Book Connector is a website helping to connect authors, reviews and small press publishers together.

Small Press Center is a delightful little collection of small press publishers grouped alphabetically and by genre. Take a chance with a small press, especially if after reading their website you think you two would make a good fit. A small press publisher takes a larger chance on you because they have small print runs, but that also means they spend much more time with you, and you have a smaller risk of having to mold your work to fit what they think the industry wants (as is sometimes the case with larger publishers).

Preditors and Editors is an amazing resource of vanity, self-, and small press publishers. The great thing about this website is that many people in the industry use it and report back when links are broken or when an author had a bad experience. I can easily spend hours browsing through, trying to decide where I think my book will fit. Of course, it might help if I finish it first haha.