Test Your Title

Found something fun and nifty online, I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this but I thought I’d share it anyway: you can test your work-in-progress title for popularity.

Now that I’m writing this, I think I found it in Writer’s Digest, which I’m reading in between classes and while I wait for programs to compile.

Lulu.com has been working with statisticians, apparently, to come up with this nifty little Title Scorer, and the results are pretty accurate to a certain degree. You as an author, reader and writer will have to use your own judgement, of course, to decide whether you should believe it.

The highest score you can get is an 83, I’m not sure why, but such is life. My first novel, Catching the Rose, made it up to the 70s somewhere. The Winslow Charade got a paltry 20-something score.

Give it a try! Play around with popular titles. The DaVinci Code gets a laughably low score, I think, for being a best-seller, and Gone with the Wind doesn’t do so hot either.