Woe is I

I will admit, I’m struggling. I want to get this first complete draft out, but I can feel the doom of the Writer’s Block hovering over my left shoulder, while my muse bats away at Writer’s Block on my right. I have the entire next scene outlined. I know what should happen, I just need to write it down. But I feel…almost bored with it. This is, in general, why I don’t outline. I outline and I know what’s going to happen and I’m tired of the scene before it’s written. I’ve felt this way for the last three chapters, and I’m pretty sure they must be as boring as I’m afraid they are, even though a lot has happened. If you look at my profile page, you’ll see I’m up to 86 000 words, which is a whopping 6 – 8 000 words more than the last time I wrote about being afraid of Writer’s Block.

But I’m pushing through. I have faith in my characters that they will lead me true, and I’m hoping that when I leave the story alone for three months (which will inevitably happen now that the quarter is starting up), I will return to find gems rather than dirt in my prose.

[6pm edit]
Muse won, Writer’s Block lost. Wrote another thousand words by force. Probably all trash writing, but at least it’s something to work with.