Writing Update

Did I mention that my current novel just passed the 70,000 word mark? Not to say that writing that many words means it’s any good, haha. However, keep in mind that most good agents/editors say a “developed” story should be around 100,000 words. If you’re reaching for novel length, that is. So yeah. I’m plugging away, even with my summer research (sort of an introduction to graduate school) coming to a close and multiple family emergencies. For those of you writing, keep it up. You’ll never get published if you don’t finish what you have.

Galaxy Quest had it right: “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Also, I changed the last name of my love interest, after the results of a poll I put up in my personal journal. Lord Alexander Harvard, who didn’t win ANY votes I’m sad to say, is now Lord Alexander Hartwell. I’m glad, because that was my personal favorite of the choices given (Harvard, Hartwell, Haynsworth, Hainsworth).