Book: Bright Arrows by Grace Livingston Hill

Title: Bright Arrows
Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Length: 352 pgs

Bright Arrows by Grace Livingston Hill is one of her many “feel good” inspirational romances. I first read Hill in seventh grade, after being told that Out of the Storm (originally written under her pseudonym Marcia Macdonald) was a “Worderella book.” Hill’s plots are simple yet elegant, if slightly dated because she was writing at the turn of the century until her death in 1947. All of her books have a definite message: all paths lead to God. Whether you agree with that or not, and whether you can get past the often-quaint plots, Hill is a pretty good read.

Summary: This particular book is about a young woman who just lost her beloved father from an accident. Her scheming cousin and aunt through marriage only, come in search of her jewels and inheritance. Her schoolmates are coming home from WWII thinking to marry her, even though they call her morals and beliefs antiquated. I will say this: this is a great book for people who feel like a total outcast, no matter the reason, and sends an encouraging message to stand firm.

Why should you read this book?
If you are trying to break into the inspirational romance market, Grace Livingston Hill is a good place to start. She was so prolific during her lifetime that there are many examples to read, and at least you will have an understanding of where the genre came from.

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