Character Archetypes

I found this list here, and it’s a good starting point if you’ve somehow lost your characters, or realized that you can’t relate to your character at all. Take a step back, and decide if maybe one of these archetypes is how your character views the world:

Protagonist: Is in favor or against that issue (or maybe isn’t completely sure about his position) but he’s leading all the actions for -or against-the issue.
Antagonist: Is diametrically opposed to the Protagonist (If the protagonist is in favor, he’s against and voice-overs) and he does anything in his power to stop all the actions the protagonist’s leading.
Guardian: She tries to shed the light of conscience and show the “true way”about that issue.
Contagonist: He’s tempting everyone out of his paths. And bringing other issues -or additional information about the same issue- just to confuse.
Sidekick: She supports one side completely. Be it the protagonist’s or the antagonist’s.
Skeptic: He doubts both sides. He’s his own man.
Emotion: Basically has no reasons for or against the issue, but strong emotional conflict for or against it.
Reason: Analyzes the issue in a dispassionate way. Takes a side as long as it’s rational.

So, briefly, using an example of “The end justifies the means” in a story of, say, a nuclear power plant (the cheap energy justifies the nuclear waste) in which the protagonist is against that power plant:

The Protagonist tries to make everyone conscious of the dangers of the plant.
The Antagonist tries to stop the protagonist campaign so the town keeps agreeing about the cheap energy issue.
The Guardian agrees with the protagonist, since she has conscience about the dangers, but tries to make the protagonist seek better ways of making the people conscious.
The Contagonist tries to seduce the protagonist out of her quest, so he goes along with the”means justifies ends” issue.
The Sidekick supports the (let’s say) Antagonist, he also goes along.
The Skeptic doesn’t thinks the plant is good, but doesn’t want a raise on the electric bill either. He’s against all.
Emotion supports the protagonist in this case but makes trouble at all protests.
Reason is a scientist researching about sun energy. The protagonist tries to support her efforts.