Questions that can be used in classrooms and book groups

Teen Titles

Haunting Miss Trentwood

Haunting Miss Trentwood

  • Which characters change in the book, and how?
  • How does Mary’s relationship with her father affect her relationships with Mr. Spencer and Mr. Hartwell?
  • Mary decides that she can’t wait for life to happen, that she has to make life happen. What does that mean to you?

Catching the Rose: A Civil War RomanceCatching the Rose

  • Names and nicknames are very important in Catching the Rose. What does your name mean? How did you get your nicknames, if you have any? How do you feel about your nicknames?
  • Veronica thinks Brad is annoying and mean, and then she changes her mind. Why did she do that? Would you have changed your mind about Brad?
  • Come up with your own reasons why someone would look for a person from their past.

MadMaxine5_pubit_199x300The Story of Mad Maxine

  • Maxine never meant to fall in love. Why is she so upset by the end of the story?

Children’s Titles

Young Reader Picture Book
Young Reader Picture Book

Beatrice Learns to Dance

  • Think of something you learned. Who helped you learn? Was it fun? Was it hard?
  • How do you like to dance? Do you dance the way your friends dance? What do you like about how your friends dance?
  • What is your favorite music? Do you like the same music your friends like?