If you enjoy Candace Camp and Mary Jo Putney, look forward to THE REBEL’S TOUCH!


One moment Tempest Gray is wandering along the Ohio River in Kentucky wondering how she, a Unionist, can marry a Confederate like her parents wish. The next, she is knocked out by an unseen hand. She wakes in an unfamiliar bed and trapped on the other side of the river.

Her captor’s assistant, with his thoughtful eyes and quiet smile, admits he works for the Underground Railroad. More intriguing, he doesn’t know his name, but when they touch, memories strike him. When he turns his eyes on her, he sees not the undisciplined, boyish girl Tempest has always been, but a fascinating, lovely woman who may be the key to his past and door to his future.

Join in Tempest’s mysterious Civil War adventure in The Rebel’s Touch.


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