Behind the Book

Haunting Miss Trentwood
would not exist without a very special website known to many creative persons as “Kickstarter.”

Kickstarter is an online pledging community that supports creative projects. It’s a simple process, really…

  1. Apply to have your project funded.
  2. Receive approval.
  3. Put up a project page with a zippy video, project description, and suggested pledge amounts.
  4. Market your butt off to encourage project backers.

It’s kind of like a modern version of artist patronage. Fifty people in this crazy, mixed up world decided Haunting Miss Trentwood was a project worth pledging money to support. For their pledges, they received different rewards.

Why did I use Kickstarter, when I already have a book out and a small readership? Because I needed the venture capital. I am making my books a business, and with my luck, my ganky old car broke down the month I was going to throw money at the venture.

Using Kickstarter was a lot of work regardless, but it was a lot of fun. Certain pledge groups were promised to have their name showcased on the website, and here they are! To see the remaining project backers, refer to the acknowledgments section of Haunting Miss Trentwood.

A big hug and thanks goes to…

  • Anna Eaglin
  • KJ Akah
  • Burr Walker
  • Joe Yelochan
  • Anne Hartley
  • Nathan Hessler

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