Young Reader Picture Book

Published by: Bright Bird Press
Date published: 08/20/2013
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-0-9830786-3-0
Available in Ebook Paperback

Beatrice Learns to Dance is picture book about a little robot wants to dance as well as her neighbor Melvin. But every time she tries, something happens! Read this picture book with your child for a funny, encouraging story about finding your own way to learn new things.

Written under another name.

4 / 5 stars

Reading Level: 5+ | Preview

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Illustrated by Jorge Eduardo Sanclemente

Beatrice first turns to her ‘Dance 101’ book for help but finds it to be not so helpful. She then turned to a dancing video but learned that she couldn’t keep up. Frustrated with breaking things, she then moves outside where her dancing neighbor, Melvin, hears about her problem. Melvin encourages Beatrice to dance in her own way rather than copying everyone else. Beatrice soon learns that dancing came natural to her.

This is such a cute story about the ever-so-common topic of ‘figuring things out on your own.’ I’ve always encouraged my daughter to try things by herself first and this story totally lines up with my teaching methods.

Eleanor had me read Beatrice twice to her today. She says she’s Beatrice, and I’m a robot mom :)

Thank you to The Compass School for hosting a Beatrice Learns to Dance reading on February 7, 2014!